Chicken & Waffles Every Wednesday @ Wildwood Kitchen

Wildwood Kitchen (map)

The owners of Wildwood Kitchen practically have their PhD in BBQ thanks to a thorough trip through the barbeque belt (Virginia to Texas). With that being said, it pretty much goes without saying that they know how to whip up a mean Fried Chicken and Waffles. 

Taste and savor all the deliciousness for yourself!  Every Wednesday at dinner time. 

Thursday Tea Time @ SBCAST

Thursday Tea Time @ SBCAST

SBCAST (map)

"Every Thursday, join us for pleasant banter, delicious hot and cold teas and toasted crumpets! Come say hello to your friends at SBCAST and get ready to curl your pinky with us."

PS: Every second Thursday's of the month, SBCAST will be featuring creative speakers and insights to keep you inspired. Click Here to learn more

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