Running for Office Workshop @ SBCAST

  • SBCAST (map)
  • 513 Garden Street
  • Santa Barbara, CA, 93101
  • United States

Running For Office designates the white cube art gallery as a democratic space for uncensored artistic expression. The exhibition features local, national and international artists whose works are inspired by current politics and mass media representations of culture.

Brooklyn-based painter Peter Schenck depicts iconographic presidential candidates as expressive, quasi-cartoon characters. Rebecca Goyette (represented by Freight + Volume Gallery, NY) skewers political rhetoric in absurdly humorous digital videos. Santa Barbara-based artist Susan Tibbles uses vintage objects and ephemera to create timely and politically poignant assemblages. Artist Dan Levin draws on Conceptual and Pop art sculptural traditions to query notions of fine art, purity and truth while Simon Pure and Mr. Van employ satire and live performance to critically engage visitors.